Our Paperweight Range

Our paperweights are 3.5” in diameter and cost £105. We do offer discounted rates if 4 or more paperweights are ordered altogether or if they are ordered alongside other producst in our range. Most flowers can be placed into a paperweight, but we always ask for you to have a chat with us so we can give you the best information and options available.

The process of encapsulating your beautiful flowers is delicate and wonderful. Due to the fragile and organic nature of this product, we like to spend care and love on your order. To make sure of the best results possible, please take time to read the information below to see if this product is for you.

♥ It's always ideal if you can send extra flowers as spare. There is no extra cost to preservation but always gives options to you, friends or family after the preservation process.

♥ For the flowers to be placed into a paperweight, they have to undergo a 7-resin process using a clear polyester resin.

♥Each paperweight is original and handmade.

Making Your Paperweights

♥ Our paperweights are spherical so they do magnify the flowers and any objects placed inside them. 

♥ Because of the nature of the product and how flowers can react to the resin there can be: colour change, or petals can become transparent or have a silvering effect. Browning or the appearance of deterioration, flowers can mishapen as the resin dries, air bubbles, colour leaks and particles can appear.  


Important Information About Making Paperweights (PDF)


Paperweight Pricing

See below for the latest pricing for the paperweights range:

Item Price
Paperweight £105.00

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