Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your custom! Flowers Forever will preserve and create a beautiful keepsake product for you. We are a small, creative enterprise offering a bespoke service and have designed the following Terms and conditions for you. The terms of our business is to make you aware of what we do here, what to expect and to make sure our products and services are right for you. By placing an order with us, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 01527 63915 or sales@flowersforever.co.uk if you wish to discuss any of these terms and conditions before placing an order. We are always happy to help.

Collection/delivery of flowes and items associated

We accept advanced bookings and take delivery of flowers upto 2 weeks after an event. Sometimes, we are also happy to accept flowers that are older or dried/pressed by our customers. Its alwasy best to chat this through with us so we can give you the best information.

Results will vary based on the condition of the flowers when they are sent to us. We cannot be held liable due to poor preservation results due to flowers arriving with us in poor condition. We understand that this product is very sentimental, therefore, we do our best to salvage, tidy and colour treat poor condition flowers and use them where we can. The description of the flowers will be on your personal booking form, so please read this through carefully. If you prefer to not continue or would only like certain flowers using, then do let us know. We are happy to work with any request and we can also offer freshly preserved alternatives at an extra cost which is usually wholesale cost of buying fresh flowers for you. 

When posting your items,  Please attach a clear note with a list of items included in the box. This applies to sentimental items such as invites, veils, tiaras etc. We are more than happy to guide you and give you information on posting your items. however, we cannot be responsible for any damage or loss of your items whilst they are in transit with a third party. 


Preservation Process

We use a non toxic method and everything is processed by hand, indiviually, giving each flower 100% attention. We use the same preservation process for all flowers regardless of what product, however, if you would like your flowers pressed, then please notify us of this before your flowers arrive. 

colours will change. Due to the moisture being removed, the underlying colours in the petals can come through and therefore some colours can change. We use a colour enhancing technique after the flower preservation process has been complete to treat the flowers as part of our service. 

The consistency will change – due to no more moisture in the flowers, slight shrinkage can occur and flowers will take on a matt, vintage appearance which we believe is a beautiful, natural side effect of flower preservation. These changes are normal and a natural result of flower preservation. We always promise to do our best to match the colours as close as possible and happy to work with any specific request before we implement these techniques.   

If a third party should start the preservation process on your behalf (i.e family, friends, wedding co-ordinator, funeral director) it is their responsibility to read and communicate  these terms and conditions to the owner of the flowers in question.


Product Range


Our frames are lovingly handmade for each order and we use only the best materials. 97% UV protected glass and museum quality acid free mountboard. We secure the back of our frames which special framing tape and It will arrive sealed and ready to hang for you. 

The cubes can be made in glass or Acrylic but will have less UV protection. We have a number of different style and colour bases to choose from.  


Flowers for the paperweights and jewellery will go through the initial preservation process outlined in these terms and conditions. We use a third party supplier to complete the resin and jewellery making process.

The jewellery can only contain petals, petal fragments and on occasion very small flower heads.

Paperweights are 3.5” diameter and can contain a small selection of flower heads, depending on size of flowers. We recommend that you send a selection of flowers and spares if possible.

Please note that our paperweights will vary in results due to the resin and using an organic perishable item such as flowers. We unfortunately cannot predict the outcome. 

Each flower can react to the resin differently. Once the flower is in the resin, it cannot be removed. Colour change will occur in preservation and can change again when the flower reacts with the resin.

The resin can also cause :

  • Transparency of petals
  • silvering
  • browning and appearance of deterioration
  • air bubbles
  • particles to become loose,
  • colour leaks
  • Flowers can mishapen as the resin dries around them

 There is also a level of artistic interpretation and our artist/third party will make the best choices based on their experience, to produce the best results possible. Fern will also be added to the inside base of the paperweight unless requested before you sign your personal customer booking form. 


Process and Timescales 

Once you have chosen your final design/product to house your beautiful flowers, we will note your requests on your personal customer booking form and send this out to you so you can check your order over and confirm your happy to go ahead.  please do read through this booking form carefully, sign it and send it back as soon as possible so we can start ordering your materials for you. A 2nd deposit will be due at this stage . 

Our timescales for completion are usually between 3-6months from when your personal customer booking form is signed and sent back to us. However, this is not guaranteed due to every order being bespoke. We may extend the timescales if necessary. 

Our creative artists will endeavour to create your chosen design and use appropriate methods on your behalf so their work will not be compromised. understandbly, there is always a degree of artistic interpretation to all our products.



We accept payment by cash, cheque, BAC payments, debit and credit card including AMEX.

Our standard payment structure is: £60 (for bouquets)or £25 (for one or two blooms) preservation fee taken at the beginning of your order. This covers our time and materials to preserve your flowers. This is not included in your product cost.  

A deposit is due when you have chosen your products and you have signed your customer personal booking. This is around 50% of your balance.

Final balance plus courier/posting (should you request this service) is due upon completion. All flowers preserved by Flowers Forever remain our property until all charges and payments for your order have been made in full.

We are very flexible and can offer payment plans, so do not hesitate to talk this through with us if you wish to explore this option further. 

Once your order is complete

When your item is complete, we will contact you to let you know. We kindly request that you make full payment within 1 month of receiving notification that your order is complete and ready for collection/delivery.

Due to our products being bespoke and fragile, its usually best to make arrangements to collect your items from our premises. If this is not possible, we can offer courier and postage options which are at an extra cost. We will arrange a delivery date and address with you in advance. 

Our acrylic and glass display case range (sizes 8” upwards) are usually very fragile and is wise to arrange collection of these items rather than courier. Sometimes we can offer personal deliveries so its best to ask. 

We care about the environment and love our planet, so we use recycled boxes and packaging materials whenever we can!  We will ensure that your item is packaged and protected as much as possible if you request a courier or post options. Once you have unwrapped your items, we urge you to recycle the packaging in any way you can.

If any damage occurs during transit, please report this to us within 14 days of your item arriving. We recommend to email us along with photos of any damage occurred so we can take the necessary action.

If your item has not arrived, then please give us written notice within 48 hours of the date that the goods would have been received so we can take necessary action.

Any flowers left over from your order unused are the property of Flowers forever, will be recycled after 30 days of you receiving your order unless you have specially requested in writing that we keep and store them for future orders.

If you wish to have any unused flowers back once your order is complete, please make this request within 30 days of your order being received, or before we post/courier your order. We will be happy to send any remaining flowers back at a cost of £5 per box plus postage costs. Please note that the flowers remaining will not be colour enhanced and blooms and foliage may be taken off stems or be in individual petal form.

If the items are completed, and customer has been notified and still not collected after 6 months, we do reserve the right without liability to dispose of the product and cancel your order. 


All our frames are protected with UV glass that filters out approx 97% of UV light, however your flowers are natural and organic and sometimes the colours can mellow over time. To help slow this process down, we advice to place your items away from direct sunlight. Please do keep your products away from water/moisture/damp areas. To clean, please dust using a dry cloth and a little glass cleaner if needed.

We will not be responsible for any defect arising because the buyer failed to store or maintain the goods as highlighted on the aftercare instructions on our website.

Cancellations, complaints, returns and feedback

We are sorry if unfortunately you are not satisfied with your product. This is rare, but we understand that we are not perfect and from time to time this can happen. Please do contact us within 14 days of receipt of your item so we can have a chat and ultimately do our best to resolve your complaint.  Should you need to return your item to us for any reason, please do within 28 days of receiving your item. Please send it to Flowers forever, Botany Bay Nurseries, Edgioake Lane, Astwood Bank, Redditch, B96 6BG along with your booking details. If you can contact us before hand to make us aware its on its way, we would be grateful.

In the unfortunate event that either party needs to cancel the order, we kindly ask you to let us know as soon as possible. Please do so in writing to our address on our website, or email to sales@flowersforever.co.uk.

Once you have signed your personal customer booking form and paid a 2nd deposit, you are committed in following your order through to its conclusion. 

We cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of your flowers whilst in our care due to fire, storm, civil disorder, loss of electricity, flood, mechanical failure or any other event beyond our control. 

We welcome feedback and we feel its important for our customers to communicate ways and ideas on how our service is doing, good or bad. Therefore, if you wish to offer feedback, then please do so by email to sales@flowersforever.co.uk



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