Meet the Team


Lizzy is our senior design technician here at Flowers Forever and has preserved, designed and completed over 4000 bouquets. 

She has high credentials and a passion for Art and Design. Her super power is the ability to keep the memories of others alive, encapsulating their love into every piece of floral art she creates.

Her cryptonite is cute fluffy dogs and caramel lattes.


Rachel is our lovely floral designer. She has amazing creative vision and flair and ran her own wedding photography business for years. Her strength is definitely her thoughtfulness, her motivation and positive energy. She gives 100% to each customer. 




Christina has been with Flowers Forever for over 7 years. She is one of our framers and flower preservation specialists. Her attention to detail is without a doubt one of her exceptional qualities. 


Richard at Post Art Framing, is our wonderful framer! Each frame he completes for us is individually and custom-made. He runs his own framing studio and helps us create such personal keepsakes. His background is in Aerospace Engineering as well as Art and Design, so his accuracy, precision and detail is second to none.

Tilly and Stitch

Lastly, but not least, meet our friendly office pooches. They love meeting and greeting our customers and are very sociable! They are the most friendliest pooches in town and will expect lots of love when you visit!

We understand however, that not everyone is a 'dog' person, so if you would like to visit us but do not feel comfortable with dogs around, please do not hesitate to let us know before hand! We want our environment to be as comfortable as can be for everyone visiting.

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